Simplicity & Minimalism

I began decluttering in 2014 while reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. But minimalism is about more than just the stuff. Join me as I reflect on building a life of simplicity and love.

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Frugality & Saving Money

I embarked on a No Spend Year in August 2018, and doubled-down on saving after reading Your Money or Your Life a few months later. Follow my saving journey here and let's go for broke!

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Sustainability & Zero Waste

I switched to a plant-based vegan lifestyle in August 2017 for health, environmental and welfare reasons. Now I want to go even further and do all I can to protect our planet.

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Welcome to Fearless Spirit.

I began this site to document my thoughts on minimalism, simplicity, sustainability, veganism, zero waste, and frugality.

I want to shape a purposeful, meaningful life. One that I can be proud of, and that was of service to others. I want to appreciate these moments I have been given with gratitude.

My hope is that over the months and years of running this site, I will be able to chart how I took charge of my life and changed the direction I was moving in for the better.