Seeking Him

Building walls

I should know this by now, really I should. But each time I am reminded of this, I sit back in awe. My daily devotional last night was about building walls. Not walls to keep emotions and people out – to avoid hurt. But walls that provide a hedge of protection around our relationship with Christ.

I had read an email – one I debated about reading – prior to going to bed last night. I should have listened to my guy, but I went ahead and read it anyway. My Booster moms had gone about collecting a “wish list” of sorts from parents and cheerleaders; last night, the Booster President emailed me the list. She was kind enough to leave off the people’s names, but some of the comments – they just weren’t nice. Only one was difficult for me to swallow and take. Now, I know that the truth hurts. But I simply cannot agree with what was said.

It saddened me. I know I shouldn’t allow one person’s comments (out of a slew of them that were kind) to affect me so personally. But I did…I have. I can’t shake the sadness…and it really makes me ponder – do I want to continue coaching next year? Is it worth everything I put into that program, into the girls, into the relationships with the parents – only to have people still be completely ungrateful for all I have done and continue to do for the program?

So – I asked God last night for direction. If coaching is His will for me, then I will do it…I just wish I could shake the sadness.


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