Seeking Him

A little reminder…

…for those days when I complain about teaching 🙂

  1. I CHOSE to switch careers and go into teaching. This is where I am at my best. God smiles when I teach because I am doing what he designed me to do – I was BUILT for teaching. There’s no better way for me to describe it than to say teaching is WHO I am. It truly does define me.
  2. I work a grand total of 184 days a year. That includes half-days and late start days that are usually laughable.
  3. This year alone, I am easily clearing almost $45,000 for doing what I love. This is on the low-end of the payscale too…basically, the starting salary for teachers in my district. I’ve only been teaching two years and I only hold a bachelor’s. Imagine what will happen once I have my Master’s?!
  4. Granted – that $45,000 isn’t seen all at once. What got me to that point was the performance pay for the year…the individual and group pay is over $1,000 more than what we got last year. This is “just because” money – not in the contract, not guaranteed…but it sure is a pleasant surprise in the middle of the summer.
  5. I get to make my house a home this summer. We moved in over six months ago and still haven’t completely unpacked OR decorated. Guess who has the time to do that? Guess who can take week long vacations at a time and not have it count against “vacation pay”? Yeah…I have it pretty good.

So, when the end of the next school year is coming to a head – and tempers are flairing and patience is gone. I need to go back and read this list…I’ve been on the other side – the corporate side – and teaching is a much sweeter reward.


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