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Why I teach

I was helping one of the kids on my caseload – she’s a junior this year and I’ve known her since her freshman year. I’m so proud of how far she’s come with the circumstances she’s been given in life. She was quickly accepted into the EVIT cosmo program (highly competitive), which means she’s only at my school for three classes. One of which is her Junior English class – and she has chosen to take it this year in the regular education setting, without (yes, without) special ed support. To help her succeed, she sees me on occassion to review materials and to study. She’s come a long way – don’t mind the grammatical and spelling errors…read the context of her email to me. It’s kids like her that remind me why I am in this crazy profession:

I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me as the years went by. Your support helps me so much, more than i can ever ask for. I did over look the paper and made changes. Hope you are happy that i did take your advice and know that you care for my education and want me to exceed as being a junior. You give me the kick start i need every time. You by my side i feel like i can do anything.  Here is the final that i came up with, i am pretty sure there are some mistakes that could be done but i am sure and positive  on getting a good grade on this paper. Much love Danielle =]


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