Seeking Him

Who Knew?

(NOTE: These entries will be dated because they are being posted the day after the journaling occurs. I am continuing to read Luke, and picked up at Luke 6 last night. Right now, my goal is one chapter a night so I can fully digest the Word. My journaling are verses that spoke to me, and even some prayers in reflection of the reading.)

February 8, 2009

Oh dear, I come clean about not being faithful in my quiet time and guess what happens? I am challenged. Really – it takes a challenge from the pulpit to spur me on? I guess God will use any means necessary – so here goes…

Luke 6:9 – “I ask you, which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or destroy it?”

Luke 6:27-36 – pray for those who mistreat you.

I find it difficult for me to pray for XX. The human in me is still hurt, angry and disgusted by this man and his actions. I am angry at myself for falling victim to the desires of my heart and not listening to my gut from the onset. Loneliness can trap you. But – God says to pray for those who sin – who mistreat you. So, here is my prayer for you XX.

Dear God,

I lift this man up to you. I pray that your presence is felt in his life. I pray for the soul of his daughter. God – you know the judging, the anger, the bad words used to thwart his daughter’s relationship with her mother. God, I pray for healing among their family. That they may grow as a unit and live to glorify you. God, I pray that this man focuses on his own life and follows your lead. May he give up control to your will. It is difficult for me to ask that the past be forgiven. But, before it can be fogotten, I must first forgive. God – help me to lose the guilt – the anger – the emotions so I may forgive myself and this man for the damage to my psyche. I ask for strength as I let go of anger and ask that your love fill the hole. I also ask for your forgiveness for not putting you first, for losing sight of you you while I tried to find a cure for the loneliness. God – in you – I find love and companionship. I pray I don’t lose focus of that again. I pray that my eyes are not closed to your path and your direction. God, I live to hone you – my prayer is that in all I say and do – I bring glory to your name. – me –


1 thought on “Who Knew?”

  1. Chica,
    I’m proud you did that prayer. You have something to refer back to when you start getting angry with him. I need to write down lots of prayers for lots of people…but I need to work on forgiving them first and that is that hardest for me right now.
    Te amo.

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