Seeking Him

Sowing the Seeds of Love

February 9, 2009
Luke 7-8

Over the weekend someone shared with me a conversation they had had with Carol, our foreign exchange student. And in that conversation, Carol said she enjoyed going to youth group and that she learned. Hosting someone who has never been afforded the freedom of religion has given me the opportunity to share Christ with them. I sarted to have Carol attend Chinese Church with Teresa’s mom so she could at least hear the Word in her native language – and to introduce her to the Chinese-American community. Even though the agency tried to discourage me from giving Carol this opportunity – they were afraid it would hinder her “American experience” – my reasoning was that it gave her one day for her brain to rest. Just one day where her brain didn’t have to think in English, where she could be with people who are culturally similar to her, and hearing about Christ was an added perk. Carol attends church on a regular basis and it’s been good for her, socially.

Carol also attends Real Life’s youth group on Wednesday nights. This has been a god-send, because while I am with my JH girls, I know that Carol is away from the house and interacting with youth her own age at least once a week. The original premise to have her be a part of the youth group was to get her out of the house and provide her with social opportunities. Again, hearing about Christ was another great perk 🙂

It has never been my intention to force my religion on Carol. I understand that she’s not allowed the freedom to believe in Christ as we do. But, as a Christian, it is my duty to share the love of Christ with everyone. I just happen to get lucky that I had an unreached person living under my roof. Knowing that Carol has a deeper appreciation for her youth group has made me realize that I really need to buck up and watch my actions when I am around her. As she is learning about Christianity and Christ, I need to be congnizant of me – of my outward appearance…because she knows how much Christ means to me, but I really do not want my hypocrisy to keep her from growing deeper with Christ.

I am not expecting a miracle. I can’t push to have Carol become a believer by the time she leaves in May. However, I can revel in God’s glory that His seed has been planted. And even though the change may not occur within her, who’s to say that SHE won’t continue to harvest the crop in future generations? One can only hope and pray that God is in her heart for life.


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