Seeking Him

Love for a child

February 12, 2009
Luke 11

While I was reading this chapter, I realized how much our earthly parents and what they do for us completely parallel God. I will do anything for Justin and give him anything he asks for, within reason, and by whatever means necessary…just as God will do for us. My dream for my son is to see him truly happy – to find that contentment in life that we all yearn for. As he grows up and matures, I try to guide his path toward that happiness. If he wants to try something new, I happily watch him succeed or fail – because the experience will help him grow. When he cries, my heart breaks and I want to shelter him from the chaos. When he seeks answers, I try to provide him with the wisdom he’s seeking.

Sometimes, I swear I take God for granted because I know He’s always there…just as we take our own parents for granted because, well, they’re always there. I need to be better at showing my appreciation for God in all He has done for me…all He will do for me…all He is to me. And staying in the Word – meeting Him daily for our talk-time – is only the beginning. I know there are other ways I can make God smile…it’s time I begin intentionally acting like a Christian.


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