Seeking Him

I did it

I haven’t had time to post any updates, but I did spend my time with God each day this week. The only day I didn’t was last night. But let me back up a second.

Friday, February 13 – I read my chapter in Luke, as I have been all week, but I was moved to spend my time in quiet prayer. I was intentional in my prayer time – people who were on my heart and their causes were prayed for. It was not a big blanket prayer – the prayers were for those in my life who needed a little extra voice to go up to God. When I am in prayer like that, it it very personal and not something I share. It’s between God and myself.

Saturday, February 14 – I did not meet God. I was tired, exhausted, and I knew that reading my chapter just to read it…to check it off my “to do” list…was not fair to God. I spent the evening with Brandy. By the time I made it home, my mind was too far gone to have any kind of meaningful conversation with anyone.

I caught up on my Luke reading first thing this morning and I immersed myself in today’s message at church. I loved it and I love that I am continually challenged to deepen my faith and commitment to Christ. I will continue to meet that challenge…


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