Seeking Him

When I Need a Laugh

I don’t blog often – there’s no ritual to it. I’ve realized that journaling, daily, only makes me feel extremely pressured. I feel like I have to come up with something witty, entertaining, life-altering on a daily basis when I apply parameters to my journaling. That’s not who I am…I write when I need to process…or when I want to post something for posterity’s sake…like tonight 🙂

On Friday, one of my students wrote me this lovely note in class. While I would love to post it in my room, like I do with student artwork, this needs to be framed because it just shows the kid’s voice…one day, I will get to say, “I knew him when he was 15.”

Dear Ms….

Sorry. I know Ramon has been very rude this year. He never shuts up and always leaves his daily sacrifice under his desk and it stinks up the whole class. The pain you endure each day Ramon is near you is incredible and honorable. My one request is that you keep up the bravery and courage you exhibit each day. If you do this, I will make sure Ramon is taken care of. Good luck and Godspeed.


Andre P.


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