Seeking Him

Turning Tables

The year is coming to a close and as I reflect back, I see that life – my life, in particular – really has not changed. I have the same habits, the same fears…doubts…worries…trepidations…disabilities. I know that no one can change my reality except for me. The question is – why haven’t I done anything about it? What am I afraid of?

I originally started this post wanting to work out my word for the upcoming year. Adopting another person’s tradition in choosing a “hot” word for the year and maintaining focus on it for growth…and the words I was tossing around were margin, pure, brave and fearless. All things I know I need to work on – and yes, I know that brave and fearless are synonymous…but one cannot be brave without first being fearless.

I looked up meanings of each word…and continued to struggle…but the first words out of my mouth (fingers) solidified the word I need to use as my focus for the upcoming year. FEARLESS.

I must approach life fearlessly. I need to stop being ruled by fears and abandon them. Open my arms to the world that awaits. What have I missed in my life because I have been tethered to habits which have kept me in fear’s grasp? Living fearlessly – intentionally – is going to be a struggle. I like the security of my passivity…of my routine…but it is also what I loathe the most about my life.

I wonder what all I will achieve…?


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