Seeking Him

Who Knew?

I used to write, consistently, almost maniacally – writing once used to be a catharsis, but all of that changed when I got caught up in the busy-ness of life, and especially when I returned to school for my master’s degree. For years, I have done nothing but commit myself to living life. And I don’t mean LIVING life…I simply mean, existing. It’s so easy to get caught up in the routine, and it became almost a comfort – that routine I was so enveloped in for years…decades….But then…life changes.

Life is always changing, but it was up to me to change and grow with all that was being tossed at me. Surviving was my sole reason for existing. Accomplish this, to move on to that. And now that I’ve accomplished a whole lot of “this” and have moved on to a whole lot of “that” – I sit back and wonder, how do I return to the simplicity of life?

I’m beginning to see through the shroud of insecurity and take pride in what God has equipped me with – talents. Those crazy things that have gone untapped for so long – that I’ve never allowed to come out from the shadows of my mind  – and now, I see the possibilities that He has laid before me. I don’t  know where all of this is going to lead, all I do know is that as the road forks, He will be there, with a light to shine the way. It’s up to me to seek the signal and trust.


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