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Transformation of the Mind

A different kind of transformation, but one that has been huge. In the initial #savethepants video, I talked about how I wanted to be healthy – physically, emotionally, mentally. Everyone has been able to see the physical transformations, because they’re the easiest to see and for me to document. But I wouldn’t be where I am without the emotional growth I’ve achieved.

Taking time to read just one chapter of a book centered around personal development, stating my intentions for each day and week, and meditating (talk about a great way to fall asleep!) are all minor, very minor, additions to my day that have provided HUGE results.

I proudly admit that I have gotten my Deepak-on…and going through his meditations have really helped me set my intentions, as I drift off to sleep. I sleep sound and deep, and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. I devour books – which I haven’t don’t since I was in grad school. Reading for pleasure has meaning, purpose.

Making these small changes has decreased my anxiety and stress levels – even though I’m adding “action items” to my day. And because I’ve nurtured ME, my business has grown, organically, and has brought like-minded people into my life – where our relationships focus on building each other up, genuinely celebrating our successes with one another. We remind one another that as long as we’re consistent in our actions, each day, the rewards are immeasurable. And one of the best rewards has been finding 100% contentment and happiness with the HERE and NOW.

There’s plenty of space in the present…I hope you set up shop, settle in, and enjoy…and when you do, I’ll be there to welcome you with open arms.

Transformation of the Mind
Transformation of the Mind

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