It’s been a week

…actually, more than a week and foolishly, I’m still holding out hope for an apology that I know will never come. Because addicts don’t apologize or recognize they’re in the wrong. 

You have given me half-hearted attempts st conversation, full of pitying despair and selfishness. Neither of which show me that you’re ready to heal. Instead, you think that becoming labeled as seriously mentally ill is your path.

The stigma surrounding an SMI status are far more debilitating than being a recovering addict. Your rights will be stripped. But hey, since you can’t seem to recognize that drug addiction is the root of your mental illness and that they co-occur, then go for it. 

You are an adult. You’ve been making your own choices for quite some time. But now, now I won’t be there to save you from the natural consequences that will follow. This is your path to walk and I got off at the last intersection. 

I hope you find your way back to good. I hope you seriously look into everything and the possible repercussions before making a permanent change. I hope, one day, soon, you’ll admit to yourself that you are an addict. 


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