Trades of Hope



I just had to share what’s on my heart. We have one job while we’re here on this planet – to leave it better than the way we found it. However that may be.

For me, that means being a world changer and proponent for HOPE. To support women around the world and provide opportunities for them to create sustainable business. A business that allows for them to be providers for their families so their children may stay in school and receive an education. A business that allows them to break the chains of oppression and the vicious cycle they were born into by no fault of their own. A business that enables women to remain with their children rather than have them placed in an already teeming foster system. A business that affords victims of sex trafficking a place to heal – mentally and physically – while honing true trade skills so they may be independent and strong. 

Sadly, there are more needs than there are demands. So much so that women in Haiti stand outside our artisan group’s shop, day in and day out, with their children in tow, hoping for a job. A job that will allow them to stay with their babies because they can now support their family. A job that could be had if the demand were greater.

Rather than scrolling past my posts about Trades of Hope, thinking it’s “just another sales pitch” – stop and remember why we exist. There’s more to the story than a pretty piece of jewelry. I got into this to be a voice for these women. To spread awareness and educate others about all Trades of Hope does with its partnerships around the world

So, the next time I post a beautiful product or message you to host a party, please know the intent behind the ask. Help be a ripple in this giant pond and be a world changer with me. HOPE lies within you.


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