Seeking Him, Trades of Hope

Why Trades of Hope?

When I became a Compassionate Entrepreneuer with Trades of Hope, I didn’t know where God was leading me. It wasn’t until last month that my why became crystal clear: this isn’t about me,  it’s all about Him and being a #freedomfighter. 

Through Trades of Hope, not only are we empowering women out of poverty through the creation of sustainable business, but the commission I earn can be used to empower others who are near and dear to my heart. Whether through a charitable donation to their startup 501(c)3 or to help send someone in a mission trip – I am committed to sharing my commission with others. 

For March, my world changers raised $200 for The JEM Foundation; a non-profit started by a dear friend of mine whose son committed suicide a year ago.

For April, my world changers and I are:

  • Helping to send my friend’s daughter on her first short-term mission trip – to Guatemala!!!! My friend was recently diagnosed with a stage four glioblastoma multiform tumor; he is currently recovering from surgery and is 1000000000% dedicated to empowering his daughter to go on her mission.

In addition, the company as a whole is dedicated to gifting baby blankets:

  • Sales raised from the Spring Gift Set will enable Trades of Hope to gift baby blankets. To learn more about this month’s Gift of Hope, please visit:

To order and be a fellow #freedomfighter, please use this party link:


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