Trades of Hope

Julia’s Story

A Compassionate Entrepreneur was on a mission trip in Guatemala and met a woman named Clare from Chicago. A couple of years ago, Clare went on a trip and ended up visiting a girl’s safe home in Guatemala. She asked what the plan was for the girls that were about to become adults & too old for the safe home. She was told there was no plan. Clare had a history of designing jewelry, so she decided to help these girls develop a skill! Trades of Hope is proud to be their first whole sale partnership.

Clare then took a TOH catalog to Guatemala to show the girls where their jewelry was being sold and that their piece would be in our catalog. They were very excited that customers in the United States would love to wear their necklace!

Designed by an artisan named Julia, Trades of Hope wanted to name the Julia necklace after her! It is made with a triangle of turquoise, a fresh water pearl and has the sterling silver fingerprint of one of the girls that makes them! The three items hang on an adjustable dark brown, leather cord. The Identity Bracelet is also handmade by these girls. The fingerprint mark was an accidental mistake, but the customers loved it and so now each Identity Bracelet also comes with a piece of the artisan’s fingerprint mark, a precious reminder of how we are all connected.


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