Trades of Hope

Artisan Spotlight

My heart just keeps bursting with joy and love…this – THIS – is why I am Trades of Hope 💜💜💜💜

💛 Meet Sajeda from Bangladesh💛

A fellow artisan describes Sajeda as “very smart and energetic” and after hearing more about her story, we couldn’t agree more. Sajeda lives in a small village where she never learned how to read or write. When Sajeda’s family separated for a short time, she was left to provide for her family. Although Sajeda was married, her husband’s work was at a brick factory in another village and he was not able to provide for or see her often. This left Sajeda very vulnerable. She decided to develop a skill in embroidery and after years of refining her craft, she met an artisan partnering with Trades of Hope who shared about the opportunities working with this group.

Now, Sajeda is the supervisor over all embroidery and has even learned how to craft jute handles and scarves. She has also bought a few new items for the first time including a color TV, three goats, and one young calf. She is happy to be able to send her kids to school and has even saved enough money with the help of her family to send her husband to Dubai for a better job. Her family is now cared for because Sajeda had the opportunity to thrive. Sajeda tells us she is so happy to receive orders and says, “Now I have no fear…. I am fully self-reliant.” She can now look into her future without fear because she is an empowered woman.


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