Recovery, Seeking Him

Breaking Open

In our world, every day is suicide prevention awareness day. It doesn’t happen just once a year, it is our reality. 

With nearly three years of sobriety from opiates under your belt, the ways of this world are tougher to ignore. You are an empath. You always have been. You hurt for the hurting.

And to survive, you break yourself open. It’s the only way you know how to release all that you hold inside – without turning to drugs. And when that isn’t enough, your mind turns to suicidal ideations. Too many plans. Too many letters. Too many times I’ve turned the doorknob, expecting to find your life, gone. 

You have grown so much. You have come so far. Therapy, medication. All things that work. But that little devil still sits in the back of your mind. Lurking in the shadows. Waiting for a moment of weakness when it can pounce and devour your worth.

The fear of losing you is too real. Not just today, but everyday.


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