The Middle

Ghosts Walk Among Us

Once upon a time, Little Leilani had three yellow and red tennis balls. She loved playing fetch with her mommy and daddy, inside and outside the house. But, sadly, the balls slowly started to disappear.

First, her inside ball vanished. Her mom and dad searched high and low, but always came back empty-handed. Next, it was her outside ball. All trees and shrubs were trimmed back and thinned out, but alas, no ball was found.

Poor Leilani. She was so sad her favorite toys were gone. Her furry animals with squeakers just weren’t the same. Dad nearly tore his arm off trying to throw the plush toys with the same vigor he could with the balls. Try as he might, he just couldn’t get the darned things to bounce and fly like the tennis balls.

One day, her mommy and daddy decided to release the last ball into the wild. Leilani was so excited to have her toy back, she spent all day playing fetch. Happy and exhausted, she fell asleep only for her ball to mysteriously disappear.

Furniture was moved away from walls. Floors were thoroughly swept and vacuumed. Appliances were dusted and moved. Cabinets were turned inside out. All to no avail. Her parents had to wave the white flag and give up all hope of ever finding the balls.

Where did they all go? Stay tuned to find out…!


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