The Middle

Ghosts Walk Among Us (part 2)

The saga continues…

Meanwhile, Leilani’s cat brother, Littles, grew more and more mischievous. He didn’t like being separated from his humans, especially at night when everyone was sleeping snug as bugs without him. His mommy and daddy had taken to closing the bedroom door while they slept so little Leilani wouldn’t escape and go potty in the house. And even though he had his brother, Bond, to keep him company and full run of the house during the night, Mr. Littles still missed the rest of his family. And so, he figured out how to open the door and let himself in.

Little did Mr. Littles know that this newfound talent of his would be short-lived because the doorknob stopped turning. His mommy and daddy now locked the bedroom door at night while they slept. So, off he went, defeated that Bond would be his only playmate for the nighttime hours.

Then one morning, Leilani’s mommy turned on the bedroom light and was surprised to see a yellow and red ball, laying perfectly still in the middle of the floor. The door was locked all night, Leilani and Baloo never left the bed, so where did it come from? It had appeared, seemingly out of nowhere!!!

Feeling slightly scared and off-kilter, Leilani’s mommy snapped a picture of the mysterious ball. She was expecting a response from Leilani’s dad that would provide logic behind the reappearance of the ball. Alas, his only response was an incredulous, “omg right”. Now, Leilani’s mommy was fully creeped out and she spent the entire day, wracking her brain, trying to find reason…

How in the world did this tennis ball randomly appear, in Leilani’s mom’s path, after weeks of being MIA?!?!


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