Recovery, Seeking Him

Breaking Open

In our world, every day is suicide prevention awareness day. It doesn't happen just once a year, it is our reality.  With nearly three years of sobriety from opiates under your belt, the ways of this world are tougher to ignore. You are an empath. You always have been. You hurt for the hurting. And… Continue reading Breaking Open


You’ve come so far…

It's been a year - one year without bezodiazapines; over two without opioids. You have come so incredibly far in your walk with sobriety. Words can't express just how unbelievably proud I am - of you, your progress, your growth. As much as I fought yet another label being slapped on you, it has been… Continue reading You’ve come so far…


It’s been a week

...actually, more than a week and foolishly, I'm still holding out hope for an apology that I know will never come. Because addicts don't apologize or recognize they're in the wrong.  You have given me half-hearted attempts st conversation, full of pitying despair and selfishness. Neither of which show me that you're ready to heal.… Continue reading It’s been a week