Seeking Him, Trades of Hope

Why Trades of Hope?

When I became a Compassionate Entrepreneuer with Trades of Hope, I didn't know where God was leading me. It wasn't until last month that my why became crystal clear: this isn't about me,  it's all about Him and being a #freedomfighter.  Through Trades of Hope, not only are we empowering women out of poverty through… Continue reading Why Trades of Hope?

Seeking Him

No Regrets

Today, my students were asked to journal for seven minutes about a decision they regretted. In the silence, while fingers were furiously typing, pens scratching against paper, I ruminated over the prompt - turning over several decades of life in my mind, trying to figure out decisions I regretted. I came to the realization that… Continue reading No Regrets

Seeking Him

Facing the Giants

One of the challenges I recently had to face was to acknowledge the obstacles that may be hindering me from being 100% open to RevWell training. Aside from the usual giants - time, money, insecurity, doubt, etc. - I realized that the biggest giant IS, in fact, my team with BB. Don't get me wrong.… Continue reading Facing the Giants

Seeking Him

Back to Basics

I've been quiet lately, as I sit back and listen to God. I've had people ask me what's going on with my Beachbody business, and truthfully, I have no answer. I haven't closed the doors on this avenue, I just don't know where the path is leading. And I am perfectly okay with that. Something… Continue reading Back to Basics