Seeking Him

Day Seven

7 Days, 7 B/W Photos of Everyday Life No explanation, no people

Room 205, Seeking Him

Celebrate the Journey

There was a moment on Friday when I began tearing up as I observed my babies during our discussion. Their interaction with one another gave me chills - it wasn’t just the amount of civility they afforded one another, but it was also their openness to participate and respond to their peer leader. With all… Continue reading Celebrate the Journey

Recovery, Seeking Him

Breaking Open

In our world, every day is suicide prevention awareness day. It doesn't happen just once a year, it is our reality.  With nearly three years of sobriety from opiates under your belt, the ways of this world are tougher to ignore. You are an empath. You always have been. You hurt for the hurting. And… Continue reading Breaking Open

Seeking Him

No Longer Lost

Restless. That's how I've been feeling... ...restless. Until now. Something happened last week. I received notice that I did not move forward in the interview process for a FT teaching position at the community college where I currently adjunct. What surprised me most, when I read the notice, was not the feeling of loss -… Continue reading No Longer Lost