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Ghosts Walk Among Us (part 2)

The saga continues... Meanwhile, Leilani’s cat brother, Littles, grew more and more mischievous. He didn’t like being separated from his humans, especially at night when everyone was sleeping snug as bugs without him. His mommy and daddy had taken to closing the bedroom door while they slept so little Leilani wouldn’t escape and go potty… Continue reading Ghosts Walk Among Us (part 2)

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Ghosts Walk Among Us

Once upon a time, Little Leilani had three yellow and red tennis balls. She loved playing fetch with her mommy and daddy, inside and outside the house. But, sadly, the balls slowly started to disappear. First, her inside ball vanished. Her mom and dad searched high and low, but always came back empty-handed. Next, it… Continue reading Ghosts Walk Among Us

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Single-Point Rubrics

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to the #singlepointrubric. If you've never heard of it or used one, Cult of Pedagogy has an informative blog, as well as free templates for download, here. Here in the lovely state of AZ (where education is...51st in the nation), we are already finished with the first… Continue reading Single-Point Rubrics