Trades of Hope

Love Wins

New to our Marketplace! The LOVE HEALS SET is from Thistle Farms in Nashville. Thistle Farms provides these artisans with safe housing, medical care, education, and job training to women healing from trafficking and prostitution.  Set includes 3 products: Lip Smoothie "Energy" Healing Oil  Lip Balm in Tea Tree Mint Purchases empower women in the… Continue reading Love Wins

Trades of Hope

Let Freedom Ring

Good news! Our Freedom Necklace is back in stock!!! The FREEDOM Necklace is made in the United States by a group that is helping women who have been victims of sex trafficking find their freedom again! The beads are colored from a darker green to white to symbolize the artisans' journey from darkness into light.… Continue reading Let Freedom Ring

Trades of Hope

Spotlight: Cambodian Artisan

Meet our Artisan from Cambodia: Thee Thee is one of the artisans in Ya's group. Thee, like Ya, has also been acid attacked. Thee had accumulated a large debt from the medical and legal bills from her attack. The debt put a strain on her marriage and her first husband abandoned her, which only added… Continue reading Spotlight: Cambodian Artisan

Trades of Hope

Artisan Spotlight

My heart just keeps bursting with joy and love...this - THIS - is why I am Trades of Hope 💜💜💜💜 💛 Meet Sajeda from Bangladesh💛 ​ A fellow artisan describes Sajeda as “very smart and energetic” and after hearing more about her story, we couldn’t agree more. Sajeda lives in a small village where she… Continue reading Artisan Spotlight

Trades of Hope

Julia’s Story

A Compassionate Entrepreneur was on a mission trip in Guatemala and met a woman named Clare from Chicago. A couple of years ago, Clare went on a trip and ended up visiting a girl’s safe home in Guatemala. She asked what the plan was for the girls that were about to become adults & too… Continue reading Julia’s Story

Seeking Him, Trades of Hope

Why Trades of Hope?

When I became a Compassionate Entrepreneuer with Trades of Hope, I didn't know where God was leading me. It wasn't until last month that my why became crystal clear: this isn't about me,  it's all about Him and being a #freedomfighter.  Through Trades of Hope, not only are we empowering women out of poverty through… Continue reading Why Trades of Hope?

Trades of Hope

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Recently, our governor announced a mind-boggling, earth-shattering, 4/10ths a percent raise for teachers. While my initial reaction mirrored that of my fellow teachers and friends, my shock-awe-horror-disgust-frustration with the governor's "gift of thanks", quickly became overshadowed by guilt...for lack of better word. Why? Because I had *just* listened to one of the Trades of Hope… Continue reading A Penny for Your Thoughts