Seeking Him

Sprinkle Kindness

In this day and age where negativity seems to be the prevailing tone, be the difference this world needs 💜 #changeyourperspective #kindnessmatters

Seeking Him

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a girl who thought that she could do it all on her own...that she "knew better" since she had done so many diets, tried various ways to lose weight and keep it off. She never wanted to admit that she needed help; she should be able to manage all of this on her own...until one "clicked".

Seeking Him

(Not so) Lost in Translation

Do you ever take a look at Bible passages in different translations? Just to see if they read differently, and how? Please tell me I'm not the only odd one out there...but bear with me for a second. This morning, I read the following passage from Jesus Calling, which uses the New International Version translation:… Continue reading (Not so) Lost in Translation