Seeking Him

Living the Dream

So so so true. This is why Joey and I made career changes. We don’t work to live anymore. We LIVE to work - we are being what we were designed to be. 💜 #teachersofinstagram #iteach8th #iamhis

Seeking Him

Celebrate the Journey

There was a moment on Friday when I began tearing up as I observed my babies during our discussion. Their interaction with one another gave me chills - it wasn’t just the amount of civility they afforded one another, but it was also their openness to participate and respond to their peer leader. With all… Continue reading Celebrate the Journey

The Middle

Single-Point Rubrics

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to the #singlepointrubric. If you've never heard of it or used one, Cult of Pedagogy has an informative blog, as well as free templates for download, here. Here in the lovely state of AZ (where education is...51st in the nation), we are already finished with the first… Continue reading Single-Point Rubrics

Seeking Him

No Regrets

Today, my students were asked to journal for seven minutes about a decision they regretted. In the silence, while fingers were furiously typing, pens scratching against paper, I ruminated over the prompt - turning over several decades of life in my mind, trying to figure out decisions I regretted. I came to the realization that… Continue reading No Regrets